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The Bong Sanz Homepage

Miscellaneous applications and games which I either designed or downloaded from the Net are here:

ALL FILES ARE 100 PERCENT VIRUS FREE! As a routine procedure,scan all files downloaded from the Internet BEFORE OPENING !!

Delphi WebBrowser

A web browser designed using Delphi 5 (template).Requires IE 5 but without the bulk of VB runtime files.

Download Delphi Browser

Bong's Browser:

This is an IE based browser that I designed using
VB 6. Required files are MSVBVM60.DLL and
MSIE 4 or above.

I have resently added a favorites list file.You may remove the urls I have listed and add your own either manually by notepad or add as you browse.

Download Bong's Browser

MSVBVM60.DLL Download

File Splitter

Distribute large files into floppy disk size chunks.

Downlod Splitter


This software is very useful for removing files leftover from uninstalled software-especially DLLs.

Remover Homepage

Download Accelerator

Download Accelerator Homepage